DOB: March 15/23, 1905
Galena, Kansas; Cherokee County
Copy of original SSI application

Many, many thanks and appreciation to Else AND Chelie, for their tremendous help in providing correct information!


From the 1910 census: ALVIS B. MOORE, from ILLINOIS; DOB: approx. 1865
(Conflicting information provided in Raymond's "Affadavit of Birth" that was filled out in 1941 in Rice County, Kansas, says his father, Alvis Moore, was from IOWA (born around 1865) - no other information provided. IOWA and Illinois aren't the same place.)

From the 1910 census: Georgia Anna (Annie) Gum (photo), from KENTUCKY; DOB approx 1888
(Conflicting information provided says Raymond's mother, Georgia Anna (Annie) Gumm, [listed on the "Affadavit of Birth"] is orginally from Carhill, Brown County, Kansas. A good distance from Kentucky.)
[Else wrote to explain that on the Affidavit, it says: Cahill, Barren, KEN. Anyway, Glasgow IS in Barren County, KY.]

A copy of the Affidavit of Birth for Raymond Moore.

(It would be wonderful to know which information is correct!)

From the 1910 Census of Jasper County, Duval Township in the State of Missouri: taken May 9, 1910

Al Moore, age (approx) 45; Father from Canadian England (supposedly meaning the part of Canada under England's control?); Mother from Indiana

Annie Moore, age 22; Both Father and Mother from Kentucky

Two sons listed:
Raymond, age 3; Born in Kansas
David Alvis (or Alvis David?); age 2; born in Missouri

(Information from the 1920 census, provided by Mrs. Britt, to whom I am also forever grateful!!)
From the 1920 census, a son of the correct age is named David.
1920, Neck City, Mineral Twp., Jasper Co., MO.

Moore, Al age 55
Moore, Anna A age 31
Moore, Raymond age 14
Moore, David age 12
Moore, George age 9
Moore, Alma age 8

Also from Mrs. Britt:
I have an Al Moore, his wife Laura and three children under 10 in the 1900 census for Galena, Cherokee Co., KS. Since this is only 22 miles from Neck City, MO, Jasper Co., it is highly likely that this is the same person – especially considering that they both worked in mines. This one claims Nov 1866 as a birth date with both parents born in IL. I was unable to locate any info on the wife and children after this census, and since Alvis and Georgia married about 1905, it is possible that something happened to his family between 1900 and 1905.

In 1900, Galena, Cherokee Co., KS, I find the following, who I believe to be your Alvis:

Moore, Al – born Nov 1866, age 33.
Married for 10 years. Born in IL as is both of his parents Occupation: Miner – hoister.

Moore, Laura – born Jan 1875, age 25.
3 children born, 3 living. Born MO. Father born IL, mother born MO.

Moore, Claude – born Sept 1890, age 9. born KS
Moore, Ida Mable – born Feb 1893, age 7. born KS
Moore, Nola Hazel – born Nov 1897, age 2, born KS

In 1910, I find the family, minus Al, and a big fat “D” in the marital status for Laura. They were located in Vinita City, Craig Co., OK, 48 miles from Galena, KS, and a further 22 miles to Jasper Co. – all on a Northeast direction.

Moore, Laura A. age 34, divorced. Occupation: dressmaking at home
Moore, Claude E., age 19 – no occupation
Moore, Ida M. age 17 – Laundry worker
Moore, Nola H., age 12 – no occupation

I did find an oddity that I am still looking at. I found a George and Addie Moore in the 1880 census in St. Clair Co., IL. They had children: Mary, George, and what I see as Olvis and the transcriber saw as Olin. Olvis/Olin was 13, putting his birth date correct for the 1900 census with Laura…. The odd thing is that the mother, Addie, was born in Canada – which would explain the Canada entry in the 1910 census – even if it was for the wrong parent. (Another one of those common things that make genealogical life difficult.) I’m going to try to trace George and Addie, and see where it goes. Who knows. The crappy part is that most of the 1890 census was destroyed. That would have been very helpful in your family.

From the 1930 Census of Jasper County, Duval Township in the State of Missouri: taken April 18, 1930

Alvis R. Moore, age 65; Father from New York; Mother from Indiana;
Age at first marriage 25

Georgia A (Annie) Moore, age 40; Both Father and Mother from Kentucky;
Age at first marriage 17

Four (4) children listed:
Son George, age 19; Born in Missouri
Daughter Viola, age 8; Born in Missouri
Son Fred, age 5; Born in Missouri
Son Pearl, age 2; Born in Missouri

Click here for a PDF File with all known information regarding the MOORE and GUMM family connection.

Obituary for Uncle Dave Moore:

First Son of Alvis & Georgia Ann

Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore's 1st Wife = Zita; only known son (at this time): Raymond Moore, Jr.

Raymond Moore's 2nd Wife = Marjorie; only child of this union = Donna

Raymond Moore married Marjorie (nee Payne) in Oklahoma, in 1965
They moved back to Silver City, NM
Raymond Moore owned refuse collection company and Dairy Queen Franchise in Silver City
Raymond Moore passed away in September of 1971, of Congestive Heart Failure; El Paso, TX


Moore: Raymond Moore, 66 died in El Paso last Friday
after a brief illness. Mr. Moore had been a resident
of this community for the past 25 years, and for the
past 13 years was the contractor of the sanitation
department for the Town of Silver City. He is also
survived by his widow Mrs. Marjorie Moore of Silver
City; two sons, Ray Moore of Silver City; and Alvis
Moore of Joplin,Mo; and one grandchild. He is also
survived by two brothers of Joplin, Mo;, Fred and
Pearl Moore: and two sisters, Mrs. Viola Renshaw of
Placerville, Calif; and Mrs. Alma Eppright of
Oronogo, Mo.
Funeral services will be held in the Curtis-Bright
Funeral Chapel Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.with the Rev. C.M.
Henderson of The Church of The Good Shepherd
officiating. Casket bearers will be William Nichols,
Richard Chambers, William Drake, Ned Barris, Carl
Mrotzek, and Steve Aguirre. Visitation hours will be
Tueday afternoon.

I am the sole child to the marriage of Raymond and Marjorie Moore; Donna Smith
I am looking for any and all information, photos and anything else about my father and his family; both immediate (half-brothers/sisters) and their families, any Aunts, Uncles, and genealogy information to Alvis and Georgia Ann (parents of Raymond Moore).

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