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Sins of The Nation

We read the papers and hear on the air,
of killing and stealing and crime everywhere.

We sigh and say as we notice the trend,
ďThis young generation, where will it end?Ē

But can we be sure that itís their fault alone,
That maybe a part of it, isnít our own?

Are we less guilty, who place in their way
Too many things that lead them astray.

Too much money, too much idle time,
Too many movies of passion and crime.

Too many books not fit to be read,
Too much evil in what's said.

Too many children encouraged to roam,
Too many parents who wonít stay at home.

Kids donít make the movies,they donít write the books.
They donít paint good pictures of gangsters and crooks.

They donít make the liquor, they donít run the bars,
They donít make the laws and they donít sell the cars.

They donít peddle the drugs that addle the brain,
Thatís all done by older folks greedy for gain.

Delinquent teenagers, Oh how we condemn
The sins of the nation and blame it on them.

By the laws of the blameless the Savior made known,
Who is there among us to cast the first stone?

For in so many cases, itís sad but itís true,
The title ďdelinquentĒ fits older folks too.

Written by: ANONYMOUS

The above-poem was given to me when I was a juvenile in a state institution. I've always liked it and kept it to share with others who want to jump on teenagers for their problems without first realizing where the problems first start.

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