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Special Announcement!!
March 20th is the deadline for contestants of the "Miss Indian World Pageant" in Albequerque, NM. The Miss Indian World Pageant is held in conjunction with the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow on April 25-28, 2001. Contestants must be Native or indigenous young women, have verifiable tribal affiliation,18-25 years of age, Single, never been married, no dependents (children), and who have knowledge of tribal traditions.
Current and past princesses are encouraged to apply.
Point system judging on traditional talent presentation, private interview & public
speaking, dance competition, and raffle ticket sales. For info & application, write:
Miss Indian World Pageant, c/o Gathering of Nations
3200 Coors Road NW, K235,
Albuquerque, NM 87120;
phone: (505) 836-2810/fax: (505) 839-0475
Check them out online at: The 6 part application to fill out can be found here:

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